Love Week 2014



Lately the hubby and me have been watching Elevation Church online on Sunday mornings. We love it! Now it’s no substitution for getting planted in a local church, but while we’ve been searching, we’ve been calling Elevation Online home. We’ve seen God show up big time too, Pastor Steven’s messages have hit home and helped us in our walk with God.

About a month ago I was watching by myself and they were talking about their annual Love Week event. I found myself wishing we were in the Charlotte, NC area so that we could participate and subsequently writing off the event because there was no way for us to do that. It was in that moment that I felt the familiar whisper of God saying why don’t you just do your own Love Week where you are?

So I got up and wrote the dates down on the calendar and stared to brain storm what I could do. And then I kind of forgot about it. It wasn’t until I realized that Love Week was almost upon me that I remembered that I said I was going to impact my community and spread some much needed love. With only a few days to plan, I almost said forget it, but that just didn’t feel right.

I’ll be honest with you, setting out on this journey again scares me. A couple of years ago I tried to do a month of activities for my 30th birthday. It didn’t go so well. Admittedly, it was too much for me to handle at that time.

I’m determined this time to impact not only my community but my friends and family too. Since we strongly believe that ministry starts at home, a lot of my week will be filled with things that I can do for my family as well as ways to help the community.

Throughout the week I’ll keep up with a blog and you can follow the journey on Facebook too. I hope you’ll take each days activities and participate in your city and your family too.

This Saturday July 26th begins Love Week and I’ll be starting with giving blood for the American Red Cross. Why start with that? Well the event is already planned and I can hit the ground running with it. 🙂

I’m beyond excited that the next week I’ll be committing to my own Love Week events. Here are some of my ideas, feel free to add some others in the comments. I’ll post the next day’s activity on Facebook and Twitter so make sure you’re following me there too!

Visit a family member day
Give Blood
Donate cans to SPCA
Donate Food to the food pantry
Random Act of Kindness Day
Bring Dinner to a young mama day
Volunteer opportunities
Bless someone who has blessed you day
More to come 🙂

– Jess


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