Being Intentional Starts at Home

It’s been two weeks since I started my medicine and even though it’s a little early yet, I think I can feel a difference. It seems easier to focus on things. Easier to set a goal and actually accomplish it! (Woot!) I don’t think I’m having as many days where I’m indescribably sad. These are good things, REALLY good things.

I know that I have a bit of a journey ahead of me and it involves not just a quick fix but learning some skills that will carry with me too. One of them is to learn how to be more intentional with my life. Right now I’m focusing on being more intentional at home but there are so many areas I’d like to apply this to. Making sure I’m keeping up with dishes and laundry and the bathroom and sweeping and mopping. Seemingly simple things, but things that on my worst days that are the hardest to do. And I realized that when those things weren’t done it was making me feel worse.

So, enough is enough, because I DON’T WANT TO BE IN THIS PLACE ANYMORE. That’s my motto these days. 🙂 Here’s the thing guys – I’m ACTUALLY doing it. I’m impressing myself with the stuff that I’ve accomplished, and I’m thinking ahead. Plus, all this housework actually makes me feel better about myself too – double bonus!

The great things is that I’m not doing all this intentional-ity on my own. I’ve joined a Facebook group called Thrive Intentionally that’s all about supporting one another and setting goals and holding each other accountable for them in a nice, loving. we can do this kind of way. I LOVE it! It’s really helped me to stay on track. I’d highly encourage you to stop over join the group and say hi! If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, this is a great way to get up some motivation to actually do it.

– Jess 🙂

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