30 in 30 for my 30th

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I’ve started on a journey to do 30 Random Acts of Kindness in 30 days as a way to celebrate this next chapter of my life – the beginning of my 30’s. πŸ™‚

Why? Well I was inspired by an article I read about a man who on his 65th birthday he gave out $5 bills to people. He stood on a street corner and held a sign that said “I have a job, I have a house & a car. I’ve got what I need. Do you need $5 to get a cup of coffee?” (Or something along those lines lol)

So I decided that I’ll do one Random Act of Kindness each day leading up to my 30th birthday – which is August 30th.

I’ve wanted to do something like this for my birthday where I give up my time for others for a while now, but this year it’s really actually coming together. And I couldn’t be more excited!!!

My hope is that not only do I spread hope and love throughout my community but I also learn to listen to God’s voice more often and not only listen but to follow.

This may surprise you but despite me being an outgoing type of girl, this is going to be hard for me it’s going to make me step out of my comfort zone and while I’m excited about it I’m also scared to death to do it.

I’ve planned a number of things that I want to do and letting God lead me on the rest. I’m trusting that He will open my eyes to the needs of people right in front of me so that I can be a light in the darkness and spread love all over my city.

But my perfectly laid out plan had a twist I didn’t know about.

We ended up going on family vacation at the start of August. So there are two days that I feel like I have to “make up”. But for being on vacation I feel that I got creative and used that time wisely and helped to move on my mission of love. πŸ™‚

So here’s what I’ve done so far – like I said I’ve been traveling so some of these days need to be made up. πŸ™‚

August 1
Driving day – I tried to be a good road warrior and let people in the lane and whatnot, but other than that I didn’t do an actual thing as I was in the drivers seat all day – this needs to be made up
August 2
As we walked the boardwalk I took some extra quarters and put them into meters that were about to expire. I’ve gotten tickets while on vacation and it really puts a damper on things so I didn’t want others to have that happen too.

August 3
Made sure to smile at every person I saw – especially to those who looked like they needed one. πŸ™‚
August 4
I made it a point to thank the VERY busy ice cream people at the VERY busy music festival for all their hard work and for how nice they were to me and my kids even though it was hot and they were non-stop busy. Super impressed!
August 5
This is the day that we went to the beach. We went as high tide came in and we ended up on top of the rocks, which actually wasn’t that bad. But I saw a woman struggling with her chairs and beach stuff and as I looked over there was a voice that wanted me to say something and a voice that didn’t. I spoke up and started to stand and said “Can I help you with that?” and she said no she was ok but she seemed relieved that someone had at least asked. This may not have been a big thing and I didn’t even get to help her but 1) I listened to the right voice, in the past I might have thought that “someone” should go over and help her out but I realize that when I think that, that someone is really me and 2) I again think that just planted one more seed of hope in her life.Β  I really love the thought that God can use even the smallest gestures I make for something great in someone else’s life and I’m believing that this journey is doing just that.
August 6
At the rest stop I held the door open for a stream of people. It wasn’t huge gesture but I believe that even small things add up. Hoping it brightened their day.
August 7
Today I helped the neighbor’s dog get back home safely. I’ve never seen him before but I knew that he must be from my neighborhood, plus he was cute and friendly. So when I saw him trotting down the street I knew he must have gotten out from somewhere. I looked around and ended up actually knocking on my neighbor’s door and at that same moment I heard someone down the street calling for their dog. I walked him back and she was happy and surprised he had gotten down so far.

7 days down, 23 to go πŸ˜€ Watch for updates here on the blog and on Facebook & Twitter πŸ˜€

– JW


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