Looking Ahead, Not Back

It’s been one hell of a year. 2013 has certainly tried it’s darn-est to knock me down. Between layoffs, personal catastrophes, alienation, losing our apartment, living with family and being the worst financial place of my life, I’d say I’m looking forward to a new year.

But, as I wrote during November’s 30 Days of Gratitude, I want to look at all that I’ve learned this year and not focus on just the hardships I’ve been through. It’s this mentality that I go back to when I’m tempted to run through all the things that have gone wrong these past few months. I’m fighting to keep a positive outlook and that has really been helping.

So as the year winds to a close I thought I’d reminisce about what I’ve learned this year, about myself, about the world and just life in general.

– I’ve learned that friendship takes work but it’s so worth it and I so, so need more of it in my life.

– I was meant to fly, soar and rise above.

– My strength is found in love and joy.

– I can do hard things.

– I am braver than I thought.

– The secret to life is to keep moving. Keep getting up. Keep trying.

– Hard work scares me. Yet it’s what I need to get to where I want.

– My dreams are worth chasing. Big, small, easy, hard – they are all worth going after. Every. Single. One.

– I am capable of more than I even know.

– I’ve been given a gift to love and connect with people in a very genuine way and I am most at peace when I let that shine through.

– Most of all – LOVE WINS!


Here’s to picking up the pieces, taking my own advice and rocking 2014.

Happy New Year!


– Jess 🙂


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