For the days I don’t know why

Today’s one of those days. Where everyone is asking me if I feel ok or what is going on or if I’m alright. Yet up until their question I don’t think I realized anything was wrong.

Apparently, despite my best intentions, I wear my heart on my sleeve and it shows on my face.

Ever have one of those days? Where you’re just following where the days goes, not feeling good or bad but every one thinks something is wrong?

This happens more than you’d guess and at the end of the day i feel like i have a complex.

My answer to everyone’s question is usually a resounding NO nothing’s wrong and I feel just fine. All while getting more and more frustrated anyone would ask such a ridiculous question. They don’t believe me and frankly I don’t believe me either. I just don’t know what’s bothering me on days like this.

In any case, for these days I think I need a plan. I need to give myself some slack and maybe some chocolate ice cream too. 😉

Loving myself & taking care of myself may be all that’s needed on the days I don’t know why I feel sad. Who knows that may be all I need to make a better tomorrow too.



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