Who do you think you are?

TLC's who-do-you-think-you-are


I rarely watch TV. Unless of course you count making sure we watch the newest episode of Sofia the First because I LOVE that show but other than that I don’t want too much TV.(Can you tell there is a toddler in the house?)  So when I’m left to my own devices with sleeping children and hubby is working late I’m not sure what to do with myself. Yeah I could do some sort of project but really by 10pm on a Friday night I’d rather watch Say Yes to the Dress.

Just recently I started watching this show on TLC called Who Do You Think You Are? I taped a number of episodes mainly because I knew who the stars were and the first one I saw was the episode about one of my favorite actresses Zooey Deschanel. I was hooked. Since then I have the show set to tape and I’m trying to find a while hour to myself to watch it without being too tired to fall asleep 10 minutes in of course.

The whole concept of the show is that they research a certain family member of a star and they dig deep into records and they find a story they answer questions and give insight.

I think what has grabbed me about the show is that everyone I’ve watched so far has found a compelling story. Zooey’s family was heroes of their time. She found out that the same strength and will and perseverance that she has was also present in her blood line years ago. Same goes for the other episodes I’ve watched.

Watching all of this makes me want to research my own history and it also scares me to inaction too. I look back at my family and wonder if I come from a  long line of people who just let life happen to them? What if my family never did anything “great”? What if what’s in my blood isn’t the characteristics I want how do I change that?

But I really don’t know – that’s just the depression talking – it’s surmising and wondering and speculating without an ounce of truth behind it. I have to remember that.

Who knows what I’ll find as I step out on this journey. God will lead me to what he wants me to see and there is a stirring in my heart to want more to know more about where I came from. Maybe I’m looking for motivation or proof that I really have what it takes to do what I need to do. Maybe I’m looking for affirmation that I am brave and resilient and hard working – see it’s in my blood!

The thing is that I already am all those things I just need to start believing them.




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