It took well over an hour for my youngest , Noah, to fall asleep tonight.

He refused to eat for me as well today and definitely did exactly what I told him not to do, just after I told him not to do it.

It’s days like these that make me want to throw in the towel and recoil into the thought that I’m not doing well at this parenting thing. And then I remind myself that he’s two and things could be worse, temper tantrum in the grocery store worse. Or worse like mommy can’t get out of bed to even try to parent today worse.

Thank God I wasn’t at that point today.

I would have missed the adorable laugh of my toddler. I would have missed his silly ways. I would have missed the crazy things that come out of his mouth and the fact that he all of a sudden, half way through his ice cream, needed a cone.

Today is a good day, today I can see the forest for the trees & brush off the “bad” for all the good. šŸ™‚ This isn’t typical but ill take it. And hopefully when bedtime tomorrow night isn’t going as planned I can remember all the good things about the day and remind myself that I AM a good parent,just like I was able to do tonight.

That my friends is progress in the face of depression!



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