This is my first Five Minute Friday. Basically you are given a topic & 5 minutes and you write and post unedited. That’s what I did here 🙂 Today’s topic: She. Learn more about Five Minute Friday here Five Minute Friday

She works and works and works and doesn’t stop. She worries and stresses an prays an has faith and stops. She is back and forth up and down and all around. Her world is chaos and imaginative and connected all in one. She doesn’t know who she wants to be or where she wants to do it and who she was to do it with but she’s figuring out that just plain wondering and thinking isn’t getting her any farther than she wa befor.

She’s trying and dreaming and trying some more. She thinks she’s failing but it’s really more like flailing and grasping to find something to hold I to. Love, Jesus, her marriage, her son, anything to hold into to remember that this season will pass. Anything to remind her to fight for her dreams and what she wants and mostly fight for herself from the sadness that threatens to envelop her.

She is getting better. Better at recognizing bad days and brushing them off. Better at finding good days. Better at admitting she is getting better.

One thought on “She

  1. “anything to hold into to remember that this season will pass” – I really like this phrase! It can often feel like much of life is spent just trying hold on. Our souls long for so much more. Thanks for sharing!

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