A New Era

Today is the start of a new era for the Wrench family. 

After an unexpected move a month of no luck finding a decent apartment that was both big enough for our brood and didn’t smell (seriously) and more twists to 2013 than I could have ever imagined we have moved in with family. 

Pros – there is always someone around to help with Noah & I get to spend more quality time with my in-laws (yes you read that right 😉 )

Cons – there is only one bathroom (nuff said) 

We spent ten hours yesterday moving all of our belongings to a storage facility. Well 90% of our belongings. THe other 5% ended up in Gram’s basement because we didn’t have enough room in storage and the other 5% is on the side of the road. WHy on the side of the road you ask? 

Water damage. Leaky Basement. Years of my life gone. 

DId that sounds frustrated? I am. After almost 3 years of living there I knew that the basement was wet. I tried a number of times to get down there and sort things out. At the end of it all a lot of my stuff was ruined. 

I spent a good hour finally going through the basement and dealing with the loss of what once was. I came to a point where I just had to grieve for a moment. I realize that the past fe years have been tough and I’ve started to realize that I’ve put myself on a back burner and I’ve “forgotten” who I am. And seeing all that stuff moldy and wet I was grieved to see what I’ve done to myself. I’ve put things that once were important to me aside and basically didn’t think about it and forgot about that. And it all got ruined.

Some things were miraculously able to be saved but the majority was gone. 

I Realize that had I never actually looked in the basement I might not have known about what was there. I also realize that others have suffered even largest loss by much bigger things out of their own control. But at the end of the day I realized some things about myself yesterday:

– Seeing the piles and piles of junk on the side of the road I realized I have gotten SO far away from the type of life I want to live.

– I have a long road ahead to get back to “who I am” but it’s a battle I’m ready and willing to take on.

– My family is pretty awesome – they are always right there when I need something – am I like that for them and if not how do I get there?


I know losing some memorabilia is not a big thing in the grand scheme of things – I really do. But it was a big moment for me yesterday. One I hope I don’t soon forget.


– Jess 


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