My Resurrection Story Easter 2013

don't give up.


I’d been putting off working on this event for months. Although I’m not entirely sure why I did that but, I did. So the week of the event comes and I’m scrambling. I finally ask for help and my husband more than rises to the challenge. (Why did I not ask him earlier?) Thankfully with his help and guidance I pulled it off but the night before it didn’t look like I was going to be the one to do it.

At 11pm, I had a final thought that it would be a good idea to go over what I needed to do the next day to ensure a successful event. I still had to go to the store for milk for my son – why I never remember earlier in the day is beyond me. In any case, I was at my computer and my husband asked if I was ready for the next day. I wasn’t and I told him so and I could tell he was upset. I was too. Why had I done this again?

After a long discussion I finally said to my husband “you just do it – I’d rather lay in bed all day than be embarrassed tomorrow”. I don’t think I actually meant it but that’s what came out of my mouth. He was flabbergasted – where was the confident, excited, outgoing girl he had met a few years ago? I was asking myself the same thing.

While I couldn’t answer that I did know one thing – I had two choices, to lay in bed all day and avoid the whole thing, or I could get up and do my best and knock it out of the park and possibly change peoples lives.

I got up. I faced the day. I rocked it. And that was my turning point.

The next day I spent  the whole day  going over the poem I was reading for Sunday service. I had only practiced it once with the band and I was a little nervous. I know God would be with me but I knew I hadn’t done what I needed, so I once again pushed to get it done right.

That Sunday, we had a packed house. I had my emergency words on the stand in front of me and I had Jesus right next to me. As I spoke I could feel His strength pushing me further. When I messed up a line it was His peace that helped me to keep going. And at the end when I finished it was Him who moved in the hearts of people in church that week. They all shouted and got to their feet and I was forever changed.

In those three days I saw more love and support from my husband than I have from anyone my whole life. He spend the entire Sunday going around telling EVERYONE he met how proud he was of me and what a great job I did. After I got off stage he told me how amazing that was and how proud he was of me and I told him – it’s just the beginning, you haven’t seen anything yet.

God moved in my life in a HUGE way that weekend. He showed me how I could lean on Him when I needed. He reminded me that my husband is beyond supportive of me. He showed me that I do have talents and He needs me to use them because there are things that only I can do for the Kingdom of God.

Easter Weekend 2013 was my resurrection – from the doubt, disappointment, depression, sadness, and all the other negative things I’ve been feeling.  I’ve been made new in Christ and I’m beyond excited.


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