Shine On

“When we numb pain, emotion, vulnerability then we end up numbing joy and happiness too…and then we are miserable and looking for purpose and meaning and the cycle begins again.” – My version of what the brilliant Dr. Brene Brown said in this video.

After watching this video I feel like I’ve just answered so many questions in life. I’ve unknowingly struggled with vulnerability this whole time. When I dig deeper I realize that I don’t want people know know that I’m not the best cook, that my house does not look like Martha Stewarts, I don’t want others to see the pain that their comments make, I don’t want to feel the way I do.

Yet, deep down I really do want to live an authentic life, I want to be open I want to love wholeheartedly, I want to be passionate, I want to have an opinion – And I want the courage to go after all those things and to know that it’s ok to feel my feelings but also to learn how to stop numbing everything. Because I was not sent here to be numb, I was sent here to be a light in the darkness, I was sent to shine!

– Jess 🙂


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