In the past 72 hours we’ve been collecting turkeys and food, packing boxes, finding families, delivering meals, bringing hope, joy and love to our community.

We are doing the work that God wants us to do and He’s showed up in a HUGE way! So why oh why would I even doubt for a second that we would get our dinner together. Why I even stop to think about us. And yet despite all the wonderful work that needs to be done today I have been consumed by the thought of me and my family and what WE need. Well played Devil, well played.

You planted a seed, had a friend ask a question and that brought insecurity and re-focused my thoughts inward instead of outward. Luckily I caught it before I really went off the deep-end and can now reset my eyes on Jesus.

Now I’m not saying that putting a meal on the table for my family is a bad thing to think about, but when I ended up being more consumed with making sure that I had cranberry sauce more so than focusing on getting the meals for families who have no idea where thanksgiving is coming from or hope that it may even come.

I needed a reset – because really thankfully we have the means to buy what we need, we’re short on time but I don’t believe for a second that God won’t provide for us as well. He’s providing for so many through us. It’s a privilege and an honor beyond my wildest dreams.

So I’m back at it – not sure what else God has for me today but I know that my eyes are on Him!


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