Make a choice

My life is filled with in-decisions, non-decisions & un-decideds. It’s a trait that perpetuates my lack of productivity, my messy house, the always-running-late-for-everything, the fact my baby has no clean pajamas right now and ultimately my depression.

I know I don’t like to make choices. Why though I’m not sure. Shopping can be a nightmare – do I buy blended yogurt or fruit on the bottom yogurt – do I spend a little extra on this or not. It takes me for-ev-er to go grocery shopping. It’s been said that I couldn’t make a decision to save my life. I’d like to think that isn’t true but you never know.

The thing that gets me about this is that I leave so much up for grabs when I don’t make a decision and just let life roll. Because being so lazy-daisy doesn’t really make my life easier it really just makes it harder. And prolonging the point to where I need to make a decision just makes it harder and usually the options I had prior are gone.

Today’s “Daily Truthbomb” from Danielle LaPorte simply said – Make a Choice. Today’s Momastery post from Glennon spoke about her choice (amongst many other things).

Perhaps God has a message for me today? 🙂

I’m sitting here and I realize as I have so many times before that even when I don’t make a choice I’m actually choosing something. So why don’t I just choose what’s going to make me happy and joyful instead of the choice that just barely gets me by or the choice that makes me feel guilty?

Make a choice.

I think that’s really profound and maybe your mind isn’t being blown like mine is right now but I assure you I see things differently today and today I’m making a choice. And I like it!


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