Just One is OK….right? ;)



This about sums up Day 3 of The Challenge 🙂

Actually today wasn’t that bad. Oh those are the words of making excuses and explaining away why I ate what I did.

I decided that I really needed to focus on eating well this week to aid the fact that I don’t have much time to do exercise with work and baby and whatnot. SO  those donut holes I just ate….were they worth it?

Well the first 3 were – the fourth :-/ that’s where I went overboard. This is where it’s hard for me. With sweets – especially when I’m a little hungry – I will just eat until too much. I feed my tastebuds instead of my body.

Now I’m not going to beat myself up about this but I am starting to see that if I want to stay away from that – then I need to do so altogether, because saying oh just one will be ok is NOT ok for me.

So now I’m chomping on a piece of gum to curb my need to chew something. It’s definitely helping. 🙂

One other thing I realized was that I’ve been doing great planning out my eating for breakfast/lunch but once 5pm hit, not only was I starving but I didn’t have a plan to deal with that after work. It was like all bets were off. Tonight I’m planning to make a vegetable medley that I will serve over brown rice. I love rice. The challenge for me though will be to find flavor for this from things other than soy sauce. Not that soy sauce is bad, it’s the drowning of the veggies in it that I think may be an issue. 😛

Also, I’ve been taking every chance I can get to get a few extra exercises in. That means when I’m in the bathroom at work I’ll do some leaning pushups against the counter or some lunges. I’ve been taking the stairs and walking to meetings and most importantly trying to sit up straight and engage my core muscles. So far so good and I’m happy with that so far. AND I’m already feeling more energy and just better in so many ways.

Happy. Happy. Happy. 🙂

– JW


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