Day 2

Last night when I went to bed I took a few minutes to catch up on my Joyce Meyer Devotional on YouVersion. I like to go back to the days that I miss and read them when I have a chance and so I randomly chose last Friday’s day. The title of the post I opened up to?

“Taking Care of Your Body”

Yes, I do believe that God smiled as I opened that, and I did too. I knew He was speaking to me saying Thank You for listening to me. It was a confirmation that I took the right path that day and started The Challenge. Not that I always need affirmation but it sure is nice! 🙂

Joyce starts out the devotional by saying this: “Some of us haven’t learned to love our bodies enough to properly care for them.” Learned to love our bodies? Have I really not done that? I don’t have any major gripes about it. I mean I’m not the type of girl who obsesses over how big her butt is or anything like that.

I read a blog post the other day from the ever talented Lauryn Dubinsky and it was a love letter…a love letter to her body. It’s an apology for all the degrading things she’s said, all the hurtful things she’s thought about it and all the ways she’s forgotten about the vessel that gives her soul a home. It’s a promise to not be so ungrateful to the gift it gives. And I thought it was brilliant. And I thought how much do I disregard my body? How many times to I not even think about it.

Yesterday I wrote about wanting to be the 40 year old that can outlast the 20 year old. I need to love my body in order to get there. And this Challenge, this day 2 it’s helping me get there.

Today I remind myself that I need to feed my body & not my taste buds. Today I remind myself that every time I choose to walk to someone’s desk instead of calling/emailing I’m making a positive choice. Today I remind myself that this is the body that God gave me and He wants me to take care of it. Today I ask Him for strength to make it from meal to meal without the candy and chocolate and other treats I’m accustomed to.

For me I KNOW the only way to a healthy body is to do it through His strength, not mine.

– JW


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