It’s on :)

Today my husband, very publicly I’ll add, challenged me to join his Week Long Fitness Challenge where we’ll compete for fame and glory to see who will loose the most percentage of body weight in one week’s time. He may extend it but we’re going for a manageable time frame here.

The contest has had a ton of interest and I think we’ve got an awesome bunch to start with! 🙂
It seems that a little friendly competition will help our friends to get back on or buck up the exercise bandwagon.

When he started this idea I was very supportive. I thought it was a neat, fun way to engage people but didn’t offer anything up. I didn’t think it was for me. Really because I’m happy with my size, in fact it doesn’t bother me that I went from a 4/6 to a 10/12 in the past year since the birth of my son. What does bother me is that I get tired going up the stairs. It bothers me that I don’t want to get up and play because I’m too tired. I am bothered by the little belly that I’ve gotten. This is new to me. For the most part I’ve always been fit. I can thank my 8 years of competitive swimming for that. (Ab Odessy of Fun anyone? 😉 )

Now this week started me and my friend Sarah’s, we’re gonna change all this & eat right week. (We’ve been indulging just a little bit too much lately.) So I’ve already started a plan to get more healthy. So when my husband challenged me directly I thought, why not. It’ll be a great kickstart to something I already wanted to do and since I’m working on putting more things into action this will be great motivation to do just that.

One other reason.

My 30th birthday is coming up in a little over a month. And while I’m excited to finally be in my 30’s (many of my friends already are) I still feel like there are some life changes that I need to make as I turn this corner. First I’ve been going to counseling to deal with some things in my life – and I’m doing great, moving forward and making progress. Secondly, in 10 years I want to see a woman who has more energy at 40 than she did at 20. And I can’t get there with the road I’m traveling down, so changes need to be made. And I’m ready to do just that so I can go into this next decade as an even more fabulous version of myself. (More on this to come.)

So today is day 1. My plan is to sneak in exercises whenever I can because when I’m at work I’m behind a desk most of the day and when I’m home I’m chasing after a 14 month old….which actually isn’t that bad. I figured I should look up some things to do while I’m typing away here at work and I found a TON of stuff I’m excited to try. (See below for the full list)

I think I’ll be blogging about this most of the week in anticipation for my 30 Days of Love that I have coming up which I’ll definitely be blogging about too. Also more on that later. I know so much suspense 🙂

Ok I’m off to do some sort of exercise on my lunch hour. Wish me luck! 🙂

If you want to join the challenge too, click here.

– JW



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