Every day I find so many things that I want to learn more about. My Amazon Wishlist is like a mile long, filled with books that I long to devour. The funny, ironic things is that I’m at a point in my life where I’m craving more knowledge and thinking and yet I’m also at a point in my life that makes it difficult to have time to read a book. Not impossible, just difficult.

Anyone with a toddler knows that those precious few hours when he’s napping on the weekend (you’re only days really home) are a mix of cleaning, relaxing, more cleaning and possibly some organizing. Those three hours are needed to get done the stuff you just can’t do when you are constantly navigating between telling him not to climb the stairs and consoling the ensuing meltdown after.

In any case, I think what hot me this morning is this notion of being overly ambitious and feeling overwhelmed which for me leads to complete inaction.

Today my prayer is for God to show me how to get over my overwhelmingness (yes I just made that up :-P) and how to lean on Him when I don’t know which was to move.


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