Moving Forward

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. – Exodus 14:14

This past weekend I made my debut appearance as Jessica Wrench – Message Speaker at Bar Church at Swabys. 🙂

Yes, for the first time in my life I brought a Sunday message. But I almost didn’t do it.

My husband was slated to preach at both Lakes Church and Bar Church this past Sunday. Since a number of people from Lakes also attend Bar Church, he really didn’t want to just preach the same message.

So at 6pm on Saturday, Sean looks over to me in the car and says “Would like you like to preach tomorrow at Bar Church?” My first response was “You’re kidding me right?” 😉 And at first I thought there is no way I can do this in an 18 hour stretch. No way. But I told him I’d pray about it and I’d let him know when we got home later.

Problem was I still didn’t have a concrete yes or no from God. 😛 Yes I was waiting for a “sign”. So we get home and I realized I needed to seize the opportunity. God’s not going to be upset at me for trying and that’s probably what He wants me to do anyways.

I’m so unbelievable glad I did. Not only did I lay out a somewhat “structured” message but I also found scriptures that spoke into what I was saying. And yes, my first try at this focused on what I had learned, but that’s ok. I needed something that I was familiar with in order to be able to do that at such a short time.

Guess what? The response was amazing. The women there were so appreciative and felt like I was speaking to them. It was great! I’m hoping to share this message (perhaps a little better thought out) again with a larger group of women.

Plus I’m so happy that not only was the title of my message – Moving Forward, I am actually moving forward too.


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