Living it

This weekend we started our 30 Days of Christmas series at the Bar Church. And my husband gave an amazing message about the birth of Christ. But it was what happened at the end that really grabbed me.

He was talking about all these stories of the bible. Jonah, Shadrak Meeshak & Abendago, Joshua, the woman with the issue of blood. And I realized that there is so much that has happened since then.

Those stories are great and they document amazing things that happened through the beginning of time, but what about now? What has happened since the early church?

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John started writing because they didn’t want others to forget all the amazing things that had happened. They wanted to chronicle Jesus’s life and let others know. They wanted to pass on their mission to spread Jesus’s message.

I believe that God is alive and is working today. Right here and right now. And I think we need to start seeking out things from our generation to tell alongside the bible. The amazing things that are happening RIGHT NOW in HIStory that show God’s amazing power, grace and glory.

Where are OUR stories that we can pass down. Where is OUR family bible. How do we share OUR encounters with God so that others can come to Jesus. How do we use both the bible and modern day examples to show God’s love?

I asked my husband a while back why the Bible stops where it does. Why was nothing else ever added? Surely great and mighty things have happened since then! He couldn’t answer me and I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure. But for now, I have to beleive that it’s being written every day. It’s being chronicled in CS Lewis and in Steven Furtick and in you and me.

I think that God is working all around us and we are living it every single day. We just need to share it. Share it with the skeptics down the street who don’t understand why a book written 2000 years ago applies to them. Share it with our grandparents who hold tight to those stories but delight in new ones too.

Sharing our stories is the best relationship builder we could ever have. It’s how we connect. It’s how we share our beliefs.

What amazing things has God done in your life? How do you share your story with the world?


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